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If you have any questions about
registering, please e-mail us, or call
610-401-3362 M-F, 9am to 3pm

KRVA Membership Fees
2017-18 Season

There will be NO REFUNDS
for any Memberships

Junior Player $55

Junior Player Tryout $15

Junior Player Upgrade from Tryout $40

Boys Upgrade available
October 4, 2017

Girls Upgrade availiable
November 1, 2017

Junior Youth (8 to 11 years of age) $15

8 & Under FREE

Officials $40

Event Staff/Chaperone $45

Adult One Day Event Membership $10

Adult Player $35

Collegiate Player $15

League Player $10

Parent Membership $25

Junior Player Upgrade from Tryout $40

Adult w/Jr Program $55

Includes the following:
- Club Director (Jr Clubs)
- Club Administrator
- Coach/Assist Coach
- Team Representative
- Tournament Director
- Site Director

Member Registration

Welcome to KRVA Member Registration

Member Registration begins on September 1, 2017. Please use the links to the right to register or renew your membership. There will be NO REFUNDS for any memberships. If unsure about which membership to take, please contact the business office or email registration@krva.org.

Region | Affiliation Changes

To request to have your region reassigned from KRVA to another region, or another region to KRVA or to change an incorrect club affiliation, please fill out this form.

Club Affiliation

When registering please leave your club affiliation as undecided until you have committed to a club. When you are ready to affiliate:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Choose Member Profile under Member Area
  3. Click on the down arrow on the right where it says Club to open the box, locate the correct club and click on it
  4. After making sure the correct club has been selected scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Edit Contact Info
  5. A pop up will appear letting you know the information was updated - click OK
  6. Log out