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Tournament Director Registration Form

The Tournament Director Registration form for the 2017-18 Season is now available! Please sign up at the link below.

2017-18 Tournament Director Registration

Foreign Team Participation Policy & Procedures

For information regarding Foreign Team Participation please visit the USAV website. You will need to scroll down on the page to find the information.

Requirements for becoming a Tournament Director

  1. Must be 25 years of age or older
  2. Register as an “adult with juniors” and submit a background screen application through USA Volleyball for the current season
  3. Complete and submit 2017-18 Tournament Director Application
  4. Safesport Certificate - Visit our SafeSport Training page
  5. Complete Concussion Training Certificate and submit to KRVA Events

The tournament Director and their designated on-site director must adhere to all the KRVA policies and procedures applicable to the sanctioned event as set forth in the Tournament Director Manual which include but are not limited to:

  1. All tournament participants must be verified by the Tournament Director as being currently registered with USAV
  2. All adults contracted by the Tournament Director for on-site staff within the event must be verified by the TD as having a current, cleared USAV- approved background screen and pass Pennsylvania state screening requirements per KRVA policy
  3. A certificate of insurance for each sanctioned event must be requested through the KRVA office

Event Proposal and Sanctioning

Events are sanctioned using the following method:

  1. All multi-day events and invitationals
  2. Single day events based on needs of the region
  3. Availability of officials

Sanctioning will also take into consideration the TD’s history as well as their compliance record.

Tournaments are tentatively sanctioned until all paperwork is completed and the TD deposit is received.

Site Director Requirements

  1. Must be a current KRVA member in good standing with an Adult with Juniors membership
  2. Must have a current background screen in webpoint
  3. Pass Pennsylvania state screening requirements per Region policy
  4. Must be 18 years of age
  5. Must have Safesport Certificate
  6. Concussion Training Certificate submitted to KRVA Registration
  7. Must be onsite at all times
  8. May not be coaching any team at any time during the event
  9. May not be chief referee
  10. Any change to the onsite director must be e-mailed a minimum of two weeks prior to the event

The Tournament Director Manual is currently under revision and will be available prior to October 1, 2016. If you have any questions please e-mail us or call 610-223-2288.