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KRVA Event List

Out of Region Memberships and Open Gyms & Tryouts

KRVA recognizes all current USAV memberships for the purposes of tryouts and open gyms. Once offers in the Keystone Region have been accepted players must become members or upgrade their membership in KRVA. Junior Boys may upgrade to full memberships beginning on October 5, 2016. Junior Girls may upgrade to full memberships beginning November 21, 2016.

We are aware of an issue that occurred with GEVA memberships. You may see on the membership card a begin date of November 4. That date is incorrect and these players should be allowed to attend your tryouts and open gyms.

2017-18 Season

As we enter the tryout season we would like to take a moment to inform you of the Junior Op-Codes regarding offers and recruiting. We will give you some highlights here but strongly urge you to go to the Forms and Documents page of this website and review the Junior Operating Code found in the REGIONAL drop down list.

Any Clubs or teams planning to participate in KRVA this season are responsible for abiding by the KRVA Governing Documents.

All offers must be in writing and e-mailed with a cc to

Once a Club (through a player’s parent) offers a player a position on a team roster, the offer must remain open, without changes in conditions, for a minimum of 96 hours from the date/time of the offer as time stamped on the e-mailed offer unless the offer is declined.

If you find that a club is violating these or any op-codes please fill out the violation report form also found on the Forms and Documents page of the KRVA website.

Boys tryouts begin September 30, 2017.

Girls' Tryouts begin October 28, 2017 for 14 and under and on November 12, 2017 for 18 and under.

Best of luck to all of you this season!

Ray Reilly
Junior Girl’s Chairperson

Josh Brenneman
Junior Boy’s Chairperson