Board Minutes

Download Board Meeting Minutes

KRVA Administrative Board

Commissioner | Michelle Carlton

Treasurer | Jeff Stubblefield

Secretary | Deborah Fajerski

KRVA Board Members

Chynna Tavares

Ray Reilly

Mike McPoyle

Brian Smith

Dan Mickle

Josh Brenneman

Due Process Revisions

KRVA is updating the Due Process policies for the region. Below is a download of the current Due Process with mark ups showing the changes that will be made, as well as a clean copy of the New Due Process with the changes made to be voted on by the Board of Directors.

Due Process Changes

Board of Directors

KRVA Purchase Order Requests

Please submit the KRVA Purchase Order Request Form for all requested purchases. Once reviewed and approved, the KRVA office will place the order. Please allow adequate time for the process.

This page is being updated so please check back later for additional Board of Directors information.