Commissioner’s Report

KRVA BOD Meeting – May 04, 2018

Board of Directors & By Law Revisions

The Board of Directors welcomes Gary! Thank you for agreeing to join our Board. We are looking forward to your input, especially concerning the Western part of our region.

Bylaw revisions have been a long time in coming and are finally here. They have been posted for thirty days as required and I hope that all members took the time to read over them. Many are just clarifications to the existing document. The KRVA BOD will be voting on the revisions at this meeting.

SafeSport Program

I, as Regional Commissioner, have sent out a packet of information put together by the National Safesport Committee. I want to thank Bob Baker of GEVA for sending out the examples and Donna Donaghy and Melissa Walker of NCVA for putting the originals in a format that all regions could customize. The information helps direct reporting and has some suggestions for clubs for the safety of its members. We are putting the information in one place for our membership (parents and players) to reference prior to any issue and after an incident to help facilitate addressing these issues.

PLEASE remember that all adults need to report all Safesport potential violations. It is not up to us as individuals to determine whether it is an actionable situation, but we must report everything and let the Safesport Center follow up and make those decisions.


New recognition pins for Officials have arrived and I will be distributing them in person at the KRVA Regional Tournament. Thank you to all officials for your loyalty and participation in events for our region! If you are not in attendance at the tournament, we will be mailing them out to each official. Don’t hesitate to contact the KRVA Office if you don’t receive your pin! Please continue to give us feedback and suggestions that are important to the officials. We are here to assist you and make officiating great in KRVA.

KRVA Volley Tots

We will be running KRVA Volley tots again at the Regional Tournament. Both kids and parents have responded well to the program and we are delighted to continue it. We are planning to have a court each day run by Janet O’Dell from the Pittsburgh area. Each participant will receive a brightly colored T-shirt along with light instruction. Baden has donated the youth volleyballs for the kids to use and USA Volleyball had given us the Volleyball Beach Balls. Thank you to both for your support.

We have started a City Referee Recruiting program for high school students. We have a very competent young referee who will be joining us at the KRVA Regional Tournament. Welcome Lenny, we are very happy to have you here. I am hoping that Lenny will go back to school to spread the word about the opportunities here at the KRVA.

If you know of an inner City high school that would be a great fit for our program, please contact the office: 610 737-6944 or

BANE Jr Boys Qualifier

Our partnership with USA Volleyball for the Jr Boys Bid has continued and is thriving. We want to thank Harrisburg Hershey Visitors Bureau for all the press for the event. We ended up with 200 teams participating over three days. Thank you to all the staff and officials who made the event a great success.

Something New

Adidas has become our Official Outfitter. Please welcome them and consider wearing Adidas to show support for KRVA and USAV!

Club Directors: we sent out information (and it’s on the website) about wearing the USA Volleyball logo on your uniforms. Contact the office if you need more information.


The Art of Coaching was distributed to our coaches. We have had a tremendous response from those who activated their code. Thank you very much for the feedback. We need to know what you think and would love to know how it helps you. Would you support a clinic run by The Art of Coaching? Contact the office and let us know!

Congrats to the teams attending Boys Junior National Championships in Phoenix, AZ

Open Division

A-10 Thunderbolt 16 Black INFINITY 161 BLUE
EC Power 14-Nitro

USA Division

Steel City 18 Black
Totally Xtreme Warriors 18 Steel City 17 Black
The XVC 17-1
EC Power 16-Thunder Prevail Boys 16U

Congrats to the teams attending Girls Junior National Championships in Detroit, MI

National Division

EC Power 12 Periwinkle EC Power 13 Sky
EC Power 14 Iceberg EC Power 15 True EC Power 16 Empire EC Power 17 Steel

American Division

Revolution PGH 17
Renaissance 16 Black Revolution PGH 15 White EC Power 14 Ocean Infinity 13 Blue
EC Power 12 Powder


Communication is key

The region office is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please don’t hesitate to email: or with suggestions or complaints. Remember, we cannot attempt to fix what we don’t know about. You can reach me, Michelle 610-737-6944, anytime. If I cannot pick up the phone, I will call you back.

Michelle Carlton,
KRVA Commish