Date | February 22-24, 2019

Divisions OPEN 18-14 (FEB 22-24), USA 18-16 (FEB 23-24, 2019)

Cost | $650 for Open Division, $500 for USA Division

Location | PA Farm Show and Expo Center | Harrisburg, PA


The PIAA has granted the BANE tournament participants a waiver to the new ruling regarding players competing 10 days prior to their school season. All boys volleyball players in Pennsylvania that play high school ARE ALLOWED to participate in this tournament with no ramifications on their high school season. Feel free to call PIAA to confirm this or the KRVA office at any time.

How to Enter

**Please note, teams will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis with all of the below entry requirements met (registration, entry form, roster and housing). Field sizes are limited.  Any teams registering after field sizes are filled with accepted teams or after the entry deadline will be waitlisted.**

ALL teams are required to meet EACH of the following entry requirements to be eligible to participate at the tournament:1. Register each team in TM2Sign by 11:59 PM Jan. 22, 2019 – Click this link for instructions 2. Submit a roster in TM2Sign by 11:59 PM Jan. 22, 2019 (a roster is required for acceptance)

  • The roster must identify the following:  head coach and a minimum of six (6) players.
  • Optional staff to be identified can be an assistant coach(es), team representative(s), chaperone(s), and team manager(s), not to exceed the maximum of five staff including the head coach.
  • The roster must be 100% verified via the USAV Import (foreign teams are exempt)
  • Regional verification will only be accepted on a limited case-by-case basis
  • Changes can be made to the roster up until February 19, 2019. 

3. Submit the Official Entry Form from TM2Sign along with the entry fee to KRVA, to be received by Jan. 23, 2019. If paying by check or money order, mail your payment to KRVA (address is also on entry form; 1013 Brookside Rd., Ste. 203, Wescoville, PA 18106):

  • Make checks and money orders out to KRVA
  • Print the team name and team code on the memo line
  • Make checks and money orders for foreign team Insurance out to USA Volleyball

** Note, refunds will not be given after the established registration deadline** 
4. Enter results in TM2 by Feb. 6, 2019

  • Foreign teams should provide USAV with a letter or email explaining the team’s strength and results

5. Collect and bring a copy of Player Medical Release forms to team check-in

6. Collect and bring a copy of Proof of Age/Identity for players and staff (e.g. birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, etc.) 7. Collect and bring a copy of each rostered adult’s SafeSport Certificate (note, foreign teams are exempt but we strongly recommend you take the course at To register for SafeSport training (USAV members only):

  • Go to
  • If you are a new user, click on the “request a login” tab otherwise log in to your USAV account.
  • In the navigation menu, click on USAV Clinics and select USAV Coaching Clinics.
  • Select SafeSport On-Demand: Two-Season Certification.
  • Complete registration.
  • To access coursework, click on the red Log into USAV Academy button.
  • Should you need to return to your coursework at a later time, log in to your USAV account and click on the red Log into USAV Academy button.

For technical issues, while completing the course, please visit: Non-USA/foreign teams,these additional requirements must be met:
Submit required individual and team forms and fees to USAV (via mail, Attn: 2019 BANE, 4065 Sinton Road, Ste. 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80907; or via email, by Feb. 8, 2019. Please retain a copy of all materials and bring with you to the event.  Note, insurance can only be paid by check or money order at this time and must be mailed to USAV. Foreign teams are required to complete the paperwork and pay the insurance fee only once during the current season. Paperwork must be submitted prior to on-site registration.

Required Individual Forms

  1. Players and Staff: Foreign Participant Registration Form, which includes the Code of Conduct on page 2
  2. Players and Staff: Copy of photo ID (i.e. Passport)
  3. Players Only: Medical Release and Liability Form
  4. Players Only: Copy of Birth Certificate (note, a passport will also fill this requirement)
  5. Coaches: Copy of IMPACT or equivalent certifications

IMPACT Certification rating may be met by supplying proof of the following:

  1. USA Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP), Levels I, II or III
  2. RVA IMPACT course (region or National Office verification required)
  3. Canadian Volleyball Associations Levels 1-4
  4. FIVB International Courses Levels 1-3
  5. Curso de Entrenadores Nivel 1 (Coaches Training Level 1)

Required Team Forms

  1. Entry Form (must send to KRVA with entry fee)
  2. Foreign Summary Team Participation Form
  3. $100 US Dollars for Insurance (Canadian teams exempt with proof of coverage for the team or each individual listed on the roster). For each additional player and/or staff person that is added to the BJNC roster, 10 US Dollars per person is owed to USAV for insurance coverage.
  4. A letter of good standing from their volleyball federation
    Puerto Rico Only: please email to ask for approval to participate.
  5. Results: Foreign Teams should provide the results from any U.S. tournaments they’ve attended for the current season. In the absence of such results, the team should submit a letter to USAV explaining the team’s strength and current record in their federation.

To Create your Club Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Team Registration (Login Now)
  3. Click Register in the top right corner
  4. Enter your Account Information
  5. Create your club with information that matches webpoint (Club Name and USAV Regional Club Code are the most important to match EXACTLY)

To Import Members from USAV Webpoint:

  1. When logged into your club account, click on the green button that says Update/Import Members from USAV Webpoint
  2. All members affiliated with your club will be imported (as long as club info matches webpoint)
  3. Click this button at any time to update/validate club member info

To Create your Teams:

  1. When logged into your club account, click on the Teams button at the top
  2. Click on the green button on the left that says Add Team
  3. Create your team with information that matches webpoint EXACTLY (Specifically Team Code and Rank)
  4. Edit roster and team information at this time or later

To Build your Roster(s):

*Before building a roster, you must import all members and create your team(s)*

  1. When logged into your club account, click on the button at the top that says Teams
  2. Click on the Name of the Team you want to build a roster for
  3. Click on Team Roster
  4. Scroll down and click the green Add Players button
  5. A list of imported members will appear. Check all of the players you wish to add to this teams’ default roster. Add any player information required (i.e. uniform number)
  6. Click the green Save button
  7. Scroll down and click the green Add Staff button
  8. A list of imported members will appear. Check all of the staff you wish to add to this teams’ default roster. Add position of each staff member.
  9. Click the green Save button
  10. Repeat for all teams


  1. When logged into your club account, click on the Enter Events button at the top
  2. Search to find the 2019 Boys Atlantic Northeastern Bid Tournament
  3. Click the green Register button
  4. Complete the registration for the event as required

For help with TM2Sign site issues, contact the TM2Sign Helpdesk.

For all other questions, contact

Untitled Spreadsheet

Event DivisionTeam NameClub Name
14 OpenBRYC Boys 14 AmericanBraddock Road Volleyball Club
14 OpenBRYC Boys 14 NationalBraddock Road Volleyball Club
14 OpenCSVC 14Capital Sliders VBC
14 OpenCSVC 14-2Capital Sliders VBC
14 OpenClub Lehigh Pwr 14-NitroClub Lehigh Power Volleyball
14 OpenClub Lehigh Pwr 14-SparkClub Lehigh Power Volleyball
14 OpenCoastal VA VBC B14ScottCoastal VA VBC
14 OpenLIVBC 14 GoldLIVBC
14 OpenLVC 14 BLACKLockport Volleyball Club
14 OpenMVP 14-1Maryland Volleyball Program JO
14 OpenRVC 14-1Richmond Volleyball Club
14 OpenRCVC 14 BlackRoc City Volleyball Club
14 OpenRochester Pace Bootlegger 14 BlackRochester Pace Bootlegger
14 OpenRochester Pace Bootlegger 14 BlueRochester Pace Bootlegger
14 OpenSamurai 14 OrSamurai (Lynx de la Rive-Sud)
14 OpenACAD Boys 14 RedThe Island Volleyball Academy
15 OpenA-10 A-10 Thunderbolt 15 BlackA-10
15 OpenA-10 A-10 Thunderbolt 15 RedA-10
15 OpenArlington Elite Volleyball Club 15 BoysArlington Elite Volleyball Club
15 OpenAVVC Boys 15sAtlantic Valley Volleyball Club
15 OpenBRYC Boys 15 NationalBraddock Road Volleyball Club
15 OpenCSVC 15Capital Sliders VBC
15 OpenClub Lehigh Pwr 15-HeatClub Lehigh Power Volleyball
15 OpenClub Lehigh Pwr 15-StormClub Lehigh Power Volleyball
15 OpenCORE Volleyball CORE Boys 15CORE Volleyball
15 OpenFCVC 15U GreenForest City Volleyball
15 OpenHVA PERFORMANCE 15 BLUEHouston Volleyball Academy
15 OpenHVA PERFORMANCE 15 REDHouston Volleyball Academy
15 OpenLIVBC 15 NationalLIVBC
15 OpenLIVBC 15 RegionalLIVBC
15 OpenLVC 15 BLACKLockport Volleyball Club
15 OpenMVP 15-1Maryland Volleyball Program JO
15 OpenNiagara Frontier 15 GoldNiagara Frontier
15 OpenOcean Volleyball Club 15 BlackOcean Volleyball Club
15 OpenOcean Volleyball Club 15 GreenOcean Volleyball Club
15 OpenPalm Beach Juniors 15 Elite-BOYSPalm Beach Juniors
15 OpenRVC 15-1Richmond Volleyball Club
15 OpenRVC 15-2Richmond Volleyball Club
15 OpenRochester Pace Bootlegger 15 BlackRochester Pace Bootlegger
15 OpenACAD Boys 15 RedThe Island Volleyball Academy
15 OpenACAD Boys 15 WhiteThe Island Volleyball Academy
15 OpenTVP 15The Volleyball Practice
15 OpenWarren Juniors 15sWarren Juniors
15 OpenWilliam Page Hot Shots 15sWilliam Page
16 OpenAnnapolis Volleyball Club 16 NationalAnnapolis Volleyball Club
16 OpenBRYC Boys 16 NationalBraddock Road Volleyball Club
16 OpenCSVC 16Capital Sliders VBC
16 OpenCSVC 16-2Capital Sliders VBC
16 OpenCJVA Boys 16 BlackCentral Jersey Volleyball Academy
16 OpenClub Lehigh Pwr 16-AtomClub Lehigh Power Volleyball
16 OpenClub SyrV 16Club SyrV
16 OpenCoastal VA VBC B16DougCoastal VA VBC
16 OpenCoastal VA VBC B16DrewCoastal VA VBC
16 OpenCoastal VA VBC B16JasonCoastal VA VBC
16 OpenFCVC 16U GreenForest City Volleyball
16 OpenLIVBC 16 NationalLIVBC
16 OpenLIVBC 16 RegionalLIVBC
16 OpenMaverick Volleyball Club 16U Maverick BullsMaverick Volleyball Club
16 OpenMaverick Volleyball Club 16U Maverick LonghornsMaverick Volleyball Club
16 OpenNiagara Frontier 16 GoldNiagara Frontier
16 OpenNYC Impact NYC Impact Black LightingNYC Impact
16 OpenNYC Impact NYC Impact ThunderNYC Impact
16 OpenOcean Volleyball Club 16 GreenOcean Volleyball Club
16 OpenPhoenix 16 GoldPhoenix Boys Volleyball
16 OpenPVBC Plainview Volleyball Boys ClubPlainview Volleyball Boys Club
16 OpenPREVAIL Boys 16-1Prevail VBC
16 OpenRVC 16-1Richmond Volleyball Club
16 OpenRVC 16-2Richmond Volleyball Club
16 OpenRCVC 16 BlackRoc City Volleyball Club
16 OpenRochester Pace Bootlegger 16 BlackRochester Pace Bootlegger
16 OpenRochester Pace Bootlegger 16 BlueRochester Pace Bootlegger
16 OpenSamurai 16 OrSamurai (Lynx de la Rive-Sud)
16 OpenSportime 16-1Sportime VBC
16 OpenSporting Albany VBC 16 1 BoysSporting Albany VBC
16 OpenSporting Albany VBC 16 2 BoysSporting Albany VBC
16 OpenACAD Boys 16 RedThe Island Volleyball Academy
16 OpenACAD Boys 16 WhiteThe Island Volleyball Academy
16 OpenWarren Juniors 16 nationalWarren Juniors
16 OpenWilliam Page Hot Shots 16sWilliam Page
16 USAAVVC Boys 16sAtlantic Valley Volleyball Club
16 USABRYC Boys 16 AmericanBraddock Road Volleyball Club
16 USACJVA Boys 16 RedCentral Jersey Volleyball Academy
16 USAClub Lehigh Pwr 16-ThunderClub Lehigh Power Volleyball
16 USAClub SyrV 16-2Club SyrV
16 USACHR Coastal Hampton Roads 16 BoysCoastal Hampton Roads Juniors
16 USAExile Volleyball Club Exile 16 RedExile Volleyball Club
16 USAInfinity 161 BlueInfinity Volleyball Academy
16 USALVC 16 BLACKLockport Volleyball Club
16 USARed Rose VBC 16 BlackRed Rose VBC
16 USARVC 16-3Richmond Volleyball Club
16 USA ACAD Boys 16 BlueThe Island Volleyball Academy
16 USATriangle 16U BoysTriangle Volleyball Club Inc.
16 USAWarren Juniors 16 regional 1Warren Juniors
16 USAWarren Juniors 16 regional 2Warren Juniors
17 OpenA-10 A-10 Thunderbolt 17 BlackA-10
17 OpenArlington Elite Volleyball Club 17 BoysArlington Elite Volleyball Club
17 OpenBrooklyn Elite Volleyball LIVBC 17 NationalBrooklyn Elite Volleyball
17 OpenCSVC 17Capital Sliders VBC
17 OpenCSVC 17-2Capital Sliders VBC
17 OpenCJVA Boys 17 BlackCentral Jersey Volleyball Academy
17 OpenClub Lehigh Pwr 17-SurgeClub Lehigh Power Volleyball
17 OpenCoastal VA VBC B17KyleCoastal VA VBC
17 OpenInfinity 171 BlueInfinity Volleyball Academy
17 OpenLIVBC 17 RegionalLIVBC
17 OpenMaverick Volleyball Club 17U Maverick RangersMaverick Volleyball Club
17 OpenNYC Impact NYC Impact RageNYC Impact
17 OpenOcean Volleyball Club 17 GreenOcean Volleyball Club
17 OpenPhoenix 17 GoldPhoenix Boys Volleyball
17 OpenPVBC Plainview Volleyball Boys ClubPlainview Volleyball Boys Club
17 OpenRVC 17-1Richmond Volleyball Club
17 OpenRochester Pace Bootlegger 17 BlackRochester Pace Bootlegger
17 OpenSportime 17-1Sportime VBC
17 OpenSportime 17-2Sportime VBC
17 OpenACAD Boys 17 RedThe Island Volleyball Academy
17 OpenWarren Juniors 17 national 1Warren Juniors
17 OpenWarren Juniors 17 national 2Warren Juniors
17 OpenWilliam Page Hot Shots EliteWilliam Page
17 OpenWilliam Page Hot Shots SelectWilliam Page
17 USAA-10 A-10 Thunderbolt 17 RedA-10
17 USACJVA Boys 17 RedCentral Jersey Volleyball Academy
17 USAClub Lehigh Pwr 17-FusionClub Lehigh Power Volleyball
17 USAClub Lehigh Pwr 17-StrikeClub Lehigh Power Volleyball
17 USAGSA 17sGSA-Garden State Attack vbc
17 USAMVP 17-1Maryland Volleyball Program JO
17 USAPhoenix 17 MaroonPhoenix Boys Volleyball
17 USARVC 17-2Richmond Volleyball Club
17 USARVC 17-3Richmond Volleyball Club
17 USASteel City Volleyball Club 17 BlackSteel City Volleyball Club
17 USAWarren Juniors 17 regional 1Warren Juniors
18 OpenCSVC 18Capital Sliders VBC
18 OpenCJVA Boys 18 BlackCentral Jersey Volleyball Academy
18 OpenClub Lehigh Pwr 18-PowerClub Lehigh Power Volleyball
18 OpenClub SyrV 18Club SyrV
18 OpenCoastal VA VBC B18RikkiCoastal VA VBC
18 OpenECVC Hurricanes Boys 18-1East Coast Volleyball Club
18 OpenFirst Capitol USA First Capitol USA 18First Capitol USA
18 OpenInfinity 181 BlueInfinity Volleyball Academy
18 OpenKW Predators 18U PurpleKW Predators
18 OpenLVC 18 BLACKLockport Volleyball Club
18 OpenMaverick Volleyball Club 18U Maverick MustangsMaverick Volleyball Club
18 OpenNiagara Frontier 18 GoldNiagara Frontier
18 OpenNEVC 18 BlueNittany Elite VBC (NEVC)
18 OpenNYC Impact NYC Impact LightningNYC Impact
18 OpenOcean Volleyball Club 18 GreenOcean Volleyball Club
18 OpenPREVAIL Boys 18-1Prevail VBC
18 OpenRed Rose VBC 18 BlackRed Rose VBC
18 OpenRVC 18-BlueRichmond Volleyball Club
18 OpenRVC 18-RedRichmond Volleyball Club
18 OpenRCVC 18 BlackRoc City Volleyball Club
18 OpenRochester Pace Bootlegger 18 BlackRochester Pace Bootlegger
18 OpenSporting Albany VBC 18 1 BoysSporting Albany VBC
18 OpenACAD Boys 18 RedThe Island Volleyball Academy
18 OpenTVP 18pThe Volleyball Practice
18 OpenTVP 18sThe Volleyball Practice
18 OpenWarren Juniors 18 national 1Warren Juniors
18 OpenWarren Juniors 18 national 2Warren Juniors
18 USAAllegro PowerZone Sixpack 18Allegro Volleyball Club
18 USAAnnapolis Volleyball Club 18 NationalAnnapolis Volleyball Club
18 USAAVVC Boys 18 RedAtlantic Valley Volleyball Club
18 USAAVVC Boys 18 WhiteAtlantic Valley Volleyball Club
18 USABVP 18Beaver Valley Premier
18 USACHR Coastal Hampton Roads 18 BoysCoastal Hampton Roads Juniors
18 USACORE Volleyball CORE Boys 18CORE Volleyball
18 USAExile Volleyball Club Exile 18 BlueExile Volleyball Club
18 USAExile Volleyball Club Exile 18 RedExile Volleyball Club
18 USAFirst Capitol USA 18-2First Capitol USA
18 USAGSA 18sGSA-Garden State Attack vbc
18 USALVC 18 GREENLockport Volleyball Club
18 USALVC 18 WHITELockport Volleyball Club
18 USAMVP 18-1Maryland Volleyball Program JO
18 USAMEVBC MEVBC 17 JonMizuno East Volleyball Club
18 USAMEVBC MEVBC 18 ChrisMizuno East Volleyball Club
18 USAPremier Volleyball Komodo DragonsPremier Volleyball of Delaware
18 USAquandomania vbc 18-1quandomania vbc
18 USASteel City Volleyball Club 18 BlackSteel City Volleyball Club
18 USATotally Xtreme Trojans 18Totally Xtreme Volleyball Club
18 USATriangle 18U BoysTriangle Volleyball Club Inc.
18 USA VPA 18Volleyball Performance Academy