February 22 -24, 2019

PA Farm Show and Expo Center | Harrisburg, PA

Event Policies

Roster Policy: Final rosters are due on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 12 PM (EST) in TM2Sign. At check-in you will sign your white roster(s) (official roster). Club directors may sign all the rosters for their club. Or coaches may sign their own rosters. Any changes to the rosters after they close will be a $25 fee per roster due at check in. (check only please). Changes to the rosters should be made at check in. No changes can be made after the first match for the team has begun. A tournament roster will be made available at the score table of the court you will be playing on. Once you have completed play on that court you are responsible to obtain your roster and take it with you to your next court. DO NOT LOSE YOUR ROSTER. You will need to have it for Sunday as well. Coaches losing their rosters will be charged a lost roster fee of $5 payable by check only. Officials will be checking rosters every match.

Team Check In Policy: ALL teams playing in the AM wave MUST check in the day before they play. All teams in the PM wave may check in the day they play BUT no later than 12 PM.

Thursday, February 21, 2019 5-8 PM
Friday, February 22, 2019: 7 AM to 8 PM
Saturday, February 23, 2019: 7 AM to 12 PM

Location: Weiss Arena at the PA Farm Show Complex, 2300 North Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110

MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS:Please bring a copy of the medical release forms. Should there be an incident involving one of your players, a team representative must have a copy of the forms with them at all times during the event.

Venue Policies: Doors Open at 7 am each morning. Limited Spectator seating provided. Bring chairs. No outside food or drink allowed in the venue. Concessions will be available. No Coolers. No setting up “food spreads”. Water bottles and sports drinks are permitted. No cases of water. No ball handling in the hallways or off sport courts. No animals that are not vested service animals with paperwork. (venue rule) Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings. No firearms or weapons permitted in the facility.

Parking fee of $10 per day with in and out privileges (venue fee, not tournament fee)


Athletic Trainers Are Available! We will have a small army of athletic trainers onsite form 7:00 AM until the last player leaves the building. Their services are free but supplies are not. Bring your own or purchase theirs onsite.

Awards!  ALL First, Second, and Third place teams in the Gold Division of Open and USA Divisions will receive a team plaque and individual medals for players AND coaches!

Calling All Early Risers! Our doors will open at 7:00 AM to all attendees.

High Performance: USAV High Performance will hold a tryout on Thursday night February 21, 2019. Check out more information on the USA Volleyball Website.

Hotels: KRVA Boys Atlantic Northeastern Tournament will be STAY-TO-PLAY. In order to compete in the tournament, teams must book their hotel accommodations through Team Travel Source, the Official Housing Company for the KRVA Boys Atlantic Northeastern Tournament. It is essential that we have full team cooperation to ensure your placement in the tournament and allow us to secure enough quality rooms at the best possible group pricing.

National Anthem: We have a singer for the National Anthem each morning. Think you have the pipes for it? Contact events@krva.org

Officiating: All teams will have officiating assignments throughout the tournament. Teams must provide a rostered adult to be the R2 for all matches

Parking: The PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center charges for parking, $10 per day with in and out privileges.

SafeSport: All adults participating at at USA Volleyball event (such as Coaches, Club Directors, Chaperones, Officials, Tournament Staff, etc) must be SafeSport certified. Go here to complete your certification!

Three Way Ties: We will play all three way ties that eliminate a team from advancing to earn a bid. Tie breaker sets will NOT be played for finish position only. Be sure to check out with the tournament desk to be sure your team is finished before sending your team home!

Where Can I Find the Schedule? All matches will be scheduled here: results.tm2sign.com

Entry Fees / Registration Deadlines

$650 OPEN Divisions
$500 USA Divisions

Registration deadline: February 11, 2019

Teams will be accepted after the deadline, if space is available, contact KRVA office

Changes? Cancellations?

If your team needs to cancel from the event, change their division, or just ask a question, please contact the KRVA office

Rosters Deadline

The DEADLINE to update all Roster Information online in TM2Sign is 12:00 PM on: February 19, 2019

Tournament Schedule

Age GroupWave AssignmentBid AvailabilityTournament Info
14 OPENPM Wave2[sg_popup id=”5517″ event=”click”]Seeding[/sg_popup][sg_popup id=”5535″ event=”click”]Flowchart[/sg_popup]
15 OPENPM Wave3[sg_popup id=”5519″ event=”click”]Seeding[/sg_popup][sg_popup id=”5545″ event=”click”]Flowchart[/sg_popup]
16 OPENAM Wave3[sg_popup id=”5521″ event=”click”]Seeding[/sg_popup][sg_popup id=”5546″ event=”click”]Flowchart[/sg_popup]
16 USAAM Wave3[sg_popup id=”5523″ event=”click”]Seeding[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”5548″ event=”click”]Flowchart[/sg_popup]
17 OPENAM Wave3[sg_popup id=”5524″ event=”click”]Seeding[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”5550″ event=”click”]Flowchart[/sg_popup]
17 USAAM Wave2 [sg_popup id=”5526″ event=”click”]Seeding[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”5560″ event=”click”]Flowchart[/sg_popup]
18 OPENPM Wave3 [sg_popup id=”5528″ event=”click”]Seeding[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”5556″ event=”click”]Flowchart[/sg_popup]
18 USAPM Wave3 [sg_popup id=”5531″ event=”click”]Seeding[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”5557″ event=”click”]Flowchart[/sg_popup]

The PIAA has granted the BANE tournament participants a waiver to the new ruling regarding players competing 10 days prior to their school season. All boys volleyball players in Pennsylvania that play high school ARE ALLOWED to participate in this tournament with no ramifications on their high school season. Feel free to call PIAA to confirm this or the KRVA office at any time.


MJ8CLPWR1KEClub Lehigh Pwr 18-PowerClub Lehigh Power VolleyballAccepted
MJ8RVCJR1ODRVC 18-RedRichmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8CJVBA1GECJVA Boys 18 BlackCentral Jersey Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ8FRONT1WENiagara Frontier 18 GoldNiagara FrontierAccepted
MJ8NEVCL1KENEVC 18 BlueNittany Elite VBC (NEVC)Accepted
MJ8NYCIV1GENYC Impact NYC Impact LightningNYC ImpactAccepted
MJ8TIVBA1GEACAD Boys 18 RedThe Island Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ8CSYRV1IEClub SyrV 18Club SyrVAccepted
MJ8TVBPR1CHTVP 18sThe Volleyball PracticeAccepted
MJ8TVBPR2CHTVP 18pThe Volleyball PracticeAccepted
MJ8REDRO1KERed Rose VBC 18 BlackRed Rose VBCAccepted
MJ8CAPUS1KEFirst Capitol USA First Capitol USA 18First Capitol USAAccepted
MJ8KWPRD1CAKW Predators 18U PurpleKW PredatorsAccepted
MJ8WAREN1GEWarren Juniors 18 national 1Warren JuniorsAccepted
MJ8WAREN2GEWarren Juniors 18 national 2Warren JuniorsAccepted
MJ8SAVBC1IESporting Albany VBC Boys 18 StrikeSporting Albany VBCAccepted
MJ8MAVVB1CAMaverick Volleyball Club 18U Maverick MustangsMaverick Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8VAILV1KEPREVAIL Boys 18-1Prevail VBCAccepted
MJ8RVCJR2ODRVC 18-BlueRichmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8CAPIT1IECSVC 18Capital Sliders VBCAccepted
MJ8PACEB1WERochester Pace Bootlegger 18 BlackRochester Pace BootleggerAccepted
MJ8INFVA1KEInfinity 181 BlueInfinity Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ8ECVOL1ODECVC Hurricanes Boys 18-1East Coast Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8CVVBC1ODCoastal VA VBC B18RikkiCoastal VA VBCAccepted
MJ8259841WERCVC 18 BlackRoc City Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8OCEAN1ODOcean Volleyball Club 18 GreenOcean Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8SOVBC2GESOVBC 18-1Southern Ocean Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ7CLPWR1KEClub Lehigh Pwr 17-SurgeClub Lehigh Power VolleyballAccepted
MJ7RVCJR1ODRVC 17-1Richmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ7CJVBA1GECJVA Boys 17 BlackCentral Jersey Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ7SPTMC1GESportime 17-1Sportime VBCAccepted
MJ7SPTMC2GESportime 17-2Sportime VBCAccepted
MJ7NYCIV1GENYC Impact NYC Impact RageNYC ImpactAccepted
MJ7TIVBA1GEACAD Boys 17 RedThe Island Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ7ARLEL1CHArlington Elite Volleyball Club 17 BoysArlington Elite Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ7ATENV1KEA-10 A-10 Thunderbolt 17 BlackA-10Accepted
MJ7PHOEN1OVPhoenix 17 GoldPhoenix Boys VolleyballAccepted
MJ7WAREN1GEWarren Juniors 17 national 1Warren JuniorsAccepted
MJ7WAREN2GEWarren Juniors 17 national 2Warren JuniorsAccepted
MJ7BEVNY1GEBrooklyn Elite Volleyball LIVBC 17 NationalBrooklyn Elite VolleyballAccepted
MJ7MAVVB1CAMaverick Volleyball Club 17U Maverick RangersMaverick Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ7CAPIT1IECSVC 17Capital Sliders VBCAccepted
MJ7PVBVC1GEPVBC 17-1Plainview Volleyball Boys ClubAccepted
MJ7PACEB1WERochester Pace Bootlegger 17 BlackRochester Pace BootleggerAccepted
MJ7INFVA1KEInfinity 171 BlueInfinity Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ7HSBOY1WEHot Shot Juniors EliteHot Shot JuniorsAccepted
MJ7HSBOY2WEHot Shot Juniors SelectHot Shot JuniorsAccepted
MJ7CVVBC1ODCoastal VA VBC B17KyleCoastal VA VBCAccepted
MJ7OCEAN1ODOcean Volleyball Club 17 GreenOcean Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6ANNAP1CHAnnapolis Volleyball Club 16 NationalAnnapolis Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6CLPWR1KEClub Lehigh Pwr 16-AtomClub Lehigh Power VolleyballAccepted
MJ6RVCJR1ODRVC 16-1Richmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6RVCJR2ODRVC 16-2Richmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6CJVBA1GECJVA Boys 16 BlackCentral Jersey Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ6FRONT1WENiagara Frontier 16 GoldNiagara FrontierAccepted
MJ6SPTMC1GESportime 16-1Sportime VBCAccepted
MJ6NYCIV1GENYC Impact NYC Impact Black LightingNYC ImpactAccepted
MJ6TIVBA1GEACAD Boys 16 RedThe Island Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ6TIVBA2GEACAD Boys 16 WhiteThe Island Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ6CSYRV1IEClub SyrV 16Club SyrVAccepted
MJ6TIVBA3GE ACAD Boys 16 BlueThe Island Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ6PHOEN1OVPhoenix 16 GoldPhoenix Boys VolleyballAccepted
MJ6WAREN1GEWarren Juniors 16 nationalWarren JuniorsAccepted
MJ6111111CASamurai 16 OrSamurai (Lynx de la Rive-Sud)Accepted
MJ6SAVBC1IESporting Albany VBC Boys 16 SwarmSporting Albany VBCAccepted
MJ6SAVBC2IESporting Albany VBC Boys 16 ShockwaveSporting Albany VBCAccepted
MJ6MAVVB2CAMaverick Volleyball Club 16U Maverick BullsMaverick Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6MAVVB1CA16U Maverick LonghornsMaverick Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6FCVBC1CAFCVC 16U GreenForest City VolleyballAccepted
MJ6VAILV1KEPREVAIL Boys 16-1Prevail VBCAccepted
MJ6BRYCV1CHBRYC Boys 16 NationalBraddock Road Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6CAPIT1IECSVC 16Capital Sliders VBCAccepted
MJ6PVBVC1GEPVBC 16-1Plainview Volleyball Boys ClubAccepted
MJ6PACEB1WERochester Pace Bootlegger 16 BlackRochester Pace BootleggerAccepted
MJ6PACEB2WERochester Pace Bootlegger 16 BlueRochester Pace BootleggerAccepted
MJ6HSBOY1WEHot Shot Juniors 16sHot Shot JuniorsAccepted
MJ6CVVBC1ODCoastal VA VBC B16JasonCoastal VA VBCAccepted
MJ6CVVBC2ODCoastal VA VBC B16DougCoastal VA VBCAccepted
MJ6CVVBC3ODCoastal VA VBC B16DrewCoastal VA VBCAccepted
MJ6259841WERCVC 16 BlackRoc City Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6OCEAN1ODOcean Volleyball Club 16 GreenOcean Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6VENOM1CAVenom Volleyball Club Venom VipersVenom Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ5CLPWR1KEClub Lehigh Pwr 15-StormClub Lehigh Power VolleyballAccepted
MJ5CLPWRAKEClub Lehigh Pwr 15-HeatClub Lehigh Power VolleyballAccepted
MJ5RVCJR1ODRVC 15-1Richmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ5RVCJR2ODRVC 15-2Richmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ5FRONT1WENiagara Frontier 15 GoldNiagara FrontierAccepted
MJ5CORE11GECORE Volleyball CORE Boys 15CORE VolleyballAccepted
MJ5TIVBA1GEACAD Boys 15 RedThe Island Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ5TIVBA2GEACAD Boys 15 WhiteThe Island Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ5TVBPR1CHTVP 15The Volleyball PracticeAccepted
MJ5AVVC11GEAVVC Boys 15sAtlantic Valley Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ5ARLEL1CHArlington Elite Volleyball Club 15 BoysArlington Elite Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ5ATENV1KEA-10 A-10 Thunderbolt 15 BlackA-10Accepted
MJ5MVPJO1CHMVP 15-1Maryland Volleyball Program JOAccepted
MJ5HVAVB1LSHVA PERFORMANCE 15 REDHouston Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ5WAREN1GEWarren Juniors 15sWarren JuniorsAccepted
MJ5HVAVB2LSHVA PERFORMANCE 15 BLUEHouston Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ5FCVBC1CAFCVC 15U GreenForest City VolleyballAccepted
MJ5BRYCV1CHBRYC Boys 15 NationalBraddock Road Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ5CAPIT1IECSVC 15Capital Sliders VBCAccepted
MJ5CLBFY1FLPalm Beach Juniors 15 Elite-BOYSPalm Beach JuniorsAccepted
MJ5OCEAN1ODOcean Volleyball Club 15 GreenOcean Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ5OCEAN2ODOcean Volleyball Club 15 BlackOcean Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ4CLPWR1KEClub Lehigh Pwr 14-SparkClub Lehigh Power VolleyballAccepted
MJ4CLPWRAKEClub Lehigh Pwr 14-NitroClub Lehigh Power VolleyballAccepted
MJ4RVCJR1ODRVC 14-1Richmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ4TIVBA1GE ACAD Boys 14 RedThe Island Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ4LOCKP1WELVC 14 BLACKLockport Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ4MVPJO1CHMVP 14-1Maryland Volleyball Program JOAccepted
MJ4111111CASamurai 14 OrSamurai (Lynx de la Rive-Sud)Accepted
MJ4BRYCV1CHBRYC Boys 14 NationalBraddock Road Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ4BRYCV2CHBRYC Boys 14 AmericanBraddock Road Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ4CAPIT1IECSVC 14Capital Sliders VBCAccepted
MJ4PACEB1WERochester Pace Bootlegger 14 BlackRochester Pace BootleggerAccepted
MJ4PACEB2WERochester Pace Bootlegger 14 BlueRochester Pace BootleggerAccepted
MJ4HSBOY1WEHot Shot Juniors 14sHot Shot JuniorsAccepted
MJ4CVVBC1ODCoastal VA VBC B14ScottCoastal VA VBCAccepted
MJ8ANNAP1CHAnnapolis Volleyball Club 18 NationalAnnapolis Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8VPAKE1KE VPA 18Volleyball Performance AcademyAccepted
MJ8SPNOC1KENVA Boys 18-1Nook Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ8BVPVA1OVBVP 18Beaver Valley PremierAccepted
MJ8TRNGL1CRTriangle 18U BoysTriangle Volleyball Club Inc.Accepted
MJ8HRJRS1ODCHR Coastal Hampton Roads 18 BoysCoastal Hampton Roads JuniorsAccepted
MJ8GSATT1GEGSA 18sGSA-Garden State Attack vbcAccepted
MJ8CORE11GECORE Volleyball CORE Boys 18CORE VolleyballAccepted
MJ8QUAND1GEquandomania vbc 18-1quandomania vbcAccepted
MJ8TTLXT1KETotally Xtreme Trojans 18Totally Xtreme Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8AVVC11GEAVVC Boys 18 RedAtlantic Valley Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8AVVC12GEAVVC Boys 18 WhiteAtlantic Valley Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8EXILE1OVExile Volleyball Club Exile 18 RedExile Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8EXILE2OVExile Volleyball Club Exile 18 BlueExile Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8LOCKP1WELVC 18 BLACKLockport Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8LOCKP2WELVC 18 WHITELockport Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8LOCKP3WELVC 18 GREENLockport Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8CAPUS2KEFirst Capitol USA 18-2First Capitol USAAccepted
MJ8STEEL1KESteel City Volleyball Club 18 BlackSteel City Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8MVPJO1CHMVP 18-1Maryland Volleyball Program JOAccepted
MJ8MEVBC1NEMEVBC MEVBC 18 ChrisMizuno East Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ7MEVBC1NEMEVBC MEVBC 17 JonMizuno East Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ8PVBDE1CHPremier Volleyball Komodo DragonsPremier Volleyball of DelawareAccepted
MJ8ATENV1KEA-10 A-10 Thunderbolt 18 BlackA-10Accepted
MJ7CLPWRAKEClub Lehigh Pwr 17-FusionClub Lehigh Power VolleyballAccepted
MJ7RVCJR2ODRVC 17-2Richmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ7RVCJR3ODRVC 17-3Richmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ7CJVBA2GECJVA Boys 17 RedCentral Jersey Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ7PHOEN2OVPhoenix 17 MaroonPhoenix Boys VolleyballAccepted
MJ7CLPWR3KEClub Lehigh Pwr 17-StrikeClub Lehigh Power VolleyballAccepted
MJ7WAREN3GEWarren Juniors 17 regional 1Warren JuniorsAccepted
MJ7MVPJO1CHMVP 17-1Maryland Volleyball Program JOAccepted
MJ7STEEL1KESteel City Volleyball Club 17 BlackSteel City Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ7EASTN1GEEVA 17 BoysEastern Volleyball AcademyPENDING
MJ7LEGRO1GEAllegro PowerZone SixPackAllegro Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6CLPWRAKEClub Lehigh Pwr 16-ThunderClub Lehigh Power VolleyballAccepted
MJ6RVCJR3ODRVC 16-3Richmond Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6CJVBA2GECJVA Boys 16 RedCentral Jersey Volleyball AcademyAccepted
MJ6TRNGL1CRTriangle 16U BoysTriangle Volleyball Club Inc.Accepted
MJ6HRJRS1ODCHR Coastal Hampton Roads 16 BoysCoastal Hampton Roads JuniorsAccepted
MJ6AVVC11GEAVVC Boys 16sAtlantic Valley Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6REDRO1KERed Rose VBC 16 BlackRed Rose VBCAccepted
MJ6EXILE1OVExile Volleyball Club Exile 16 RedExile Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6LOCKP1WELVC 16 BLACKLockport Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6CSYRV2IEClub SyrV 16-2Club SyrVAccepted
MJ6WAREN2GEWarren Juniors 16 regional 1Warren JuniorsAccepted
MJ6WAREN3GEWarren Juniors 16 regional 2Warren JuniorsAccepted
MJ6BRYCV2CHBRYC Boys 16 AmericanBraddock Road Volleyball ClubAccepted
MJ6INFVA1KEInfinity 161 BlueInfinity Volleyball AcademyAccepted

Spectator Code of Conduct

The Boys Northeaster Bid Tournament is a USA Volleyball sanctioned event. By entering the facility, all spectators agree to abide by the following Spectator Code of Conduct as required by USA Volleyball. Spectators also understand that injury from flying objects incidental to the sport of volleyball may occur at this event and attend at their own risk. Be alert at all times, especially during active play. Children not participating on a team entered in the event must be under the supervision of their parents at all times. The venue is not to be considered an open play area. Open courts and free space within the facility are not designated or designed for general child-play activities and should be used for event related activities only.

​Any code of conduct broken at this event can lead to immediate removal from the building.