The new assigning system is up and running with events open for Official registration. All single day tournaments are listed here. (sign-up info for Region-Run, multi-day events is below under “signing up for region events”)

You may now create your account in the system:

You will need your USAV number found on your webpoint account – Including the KE in the beginning and the last

You will also need a small size photo. (thumbnail for a profile picture) The system will give you error messages if the size is too big.


  • you will NOT be accepted unless ALL REQUIREMENTS ARE COMPLETE for the 2018-19 season.

Those requirements include: current officiating certification in webpoint, current SafeSport certification, concussion certificate on file, and all three PA 153 clearances current and on file with the office.

  • Not all officials registered in an event will be accepted.

The office will be handling assigning again. Factors considered in accepting officials to work events include: completion of requirements, needs and level of the event, number of events assigned for each official, number of officials registered, number of teams registered in the event, and more.

  • If you are unsure of your schedule, do not over register for events and then drop out.

If you are unsure of your schedule, please leave the slots open for other officials. Dropping from an event here and there is tolerated when circumstances change. But over registering and then withdrawing too much will lead to less event acceptances in the future.


The Region Office assists with the assigning for KRVA sanctioned tournaments in the Eastern part of the region. The western PA sanctioned tournaments are assigned by Joe Hardiman.


The Keystone Region now has all Region-Run events in TM2Sign. Officials are required to sign up sign up for region-run events in TM2Sign. Those events include the Keystone Rally, BANE (boys bid tournament), Girls Bid and Club Challenge, and the Girls Regional Championships.

Simple sign up instructions are below:

  • register for an officials account HERE
  • once you are logged in, click on “Register for events” at the top
  • find the event and click the blue “register” button
  • complete any further steps necessary to finish registering



In order to be assigned and work events in the Keystone region, all officials must be compliant with the requirements set for by the region, state, and USAV.

Those include:

  • Current KRVA membership
  • Pass the USAV background screening (every 2 years)
  • PA 153 Clearances
  • SafeSport Certification (re-certify every 2 years)
  • Concussion Training
  • Current rating
  • Coursework and Test (Provisional and Regional Officials completed by January 1, 2019; Jr National and National Officials must follow USAV’s timeline and be in good standing)

Below is a list of Compliant Officials as of 9/1/2018

Site will be update with a list soon