March 23-24, 2019

PA Farm Show and Expo Center | Harrisburg, PA

Teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Teams with all of their requirements fulfilled will be accepted first. The requirements include: Entry form and fee received, preliminary roster entered into TM2SIGN, Hotels booked through team travel source, and GJNC entry form sent to (if competing in the National Bid Qualifier). Once a division is full, all teams not accepted will be placed on the waiting list in order of requirements completed.

The National Bid Qualifier is open to KRVA TEAMS ONLY. The club challenge is open to both KRVA and out of region teams. Teams competing in the bid must send their GJNC entry form to before acceptance. 

Any KRVA team is allowed to enter the National Bid Qualifier; however, KRVA reserves the right to recommend a change of tournament from the National Bid Qualifier to the Club Challenge. The recommendations will be based on the level of the team according to region and national rankings and will be suggested in order to keep the Bid tournament competition as strong as possible. 

Teams are ranked based on results from KRVA Sanctioned events and National Qualifiers. Results from events sanctioned by other affiliations will NOT be considered. 

See the club director manual for more information about the tournament and it’s requirements. 

KRVA reserves the right to adjust the maximum number of teams accepted to each division based on space and the needs of the tournament. 

Event Policies

Roster Policy:Final rosters are due on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 12 PM (EST) in TM2Sign. At check-in you will sign your white roster(s) (official roster). Club directors may sign all the rosters for their club. Or coaches may sign their own rosters. Any changes to the rosters after they close will be a $25 fee per roster due at check in. (check only please). Changes to the rosters should be made at check in. No changes can be made after the first match for the team has begun. A tournament roster will be made available at the score table of the court you will be playing on. Once you have completed play on that court you are responsible to obtain your roster and take it with you to your next court. DO NOT LOSE YOUR ROSTER. You will need to have it for Sunday as well. Coaches losing their rosters will be charged a lost roster fee of $5 payable by check only. Officials will be checking rosters every match.

Team Check In Policy: ALL teams playing in the AM wave MUST check in the day before they play. All teams in the PM wave may check in the day they play BUT no later than 12 PM.

Friday, March 22, 5-8pm
Saturday, March 23, 10 AM -12 PM

Location: PA Farm Show Complex, 2300 North Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110

MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS:Please bring a copy of the medical release forms. Should there be an incident involving one of your players, a team representative must have a copy of the forms with them at all times during the event.

Venue Policies: Doors Open at 7 am each morning. Limited Spectator seating provided. Bring chairs. No outside food or drink allowed in the venue. Concessions will be available. No Coolers. No setting up “food spreads”. Water bottles and sports drinks are permitted. No cases of water. No ball handling in the hallways or off sport courts. No animals that are not vested service animals with paperwork. (venue rule) Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings. No firearms or weapons permitted in the facility.

Parking fee of $10 per day with in and out privileges (venue fee, not tournament fee)

Tie Breaker Policy: Ties in pool play will ONLY be played out for 1st Place (1 set to 25, switch at 13, no cap). All other ties in pool play will be broke by (1) matches, (2) set %, (3) point %.


Athletic Trainers Are Available! We will have a small army of athletic trainers onsite form 7:00 AM until the last player leaves the building. Their services are free but supplies are not. Bring your own or purchase theirs onsite.

Awards  ALL First and Second place teams in the Gold Division and will receive individual medals for players AND coaches!

Calling All Early Risers! Our doors will open at 7:00 AM to all attendees.

Hotels:  KRVA Girls Bid & Club Challenge will be STAY-TO-PLAY. In order to compete in the tournament, teams must book their hotel accommodations through Team Travel Source, the Official Housing Company for the KRVA Girls Bid & Club Challenge. It is essential that we have full team cooperation to ensure your placement in the tournament and allow us to secure enough quality rooms at the best possible group pricing.

National Anthem: We have a singer for the National Anthem each morning. Think you have the pipes for it?

Officiating: All teams will have officiating assignments throughout the tournament. Teams must provide a rostered adult to be the R2 for all matches

Parking: The PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center charges for parking, $10 per day with in and out privileges.

SafeSport: All adults participating at at USA Volleyball event (such as Coaches, Club Directors, Chaperones, Officials, Tournament Staff, etc) must be SafeSport certified. Go here to complete your certification!

Three Way Ties: We will play all three way ties that eliminate a team from advancing to earn a bid. Tie breaker sets will NOT be played for finish position only. Be sure to check out with the tournament desk to be sure your team is finished before sending your team home!

Where Can I Find the Schedule? All matches will be scheduled here:

Changes? Cancellations?

If your team needs to cancel from the event, please email  no later than 2/23/2019. Teams that withdraw after 2/23/2019 will not receive a refund.  Please refer to the KRVA Tournament Participation Policies in the current Club Director Manual for more info

Updating Rosters

The DEADLINE to update all Roster Information online is 12:00 PM on: March 20, 2019

All teams are required to provide current TM2 roster.

Tournament Schedule

Age GroupWave AssignmentBid AvailabilityTournament Info
12 BidAM1 National
1 American

13 BidPM 1 National
1 American
14 BidPM 1 National
1 American
14/15 ChallengeAMN/A
15 BidPM 1 National
1 American
16 BidAM 1 National
1 American
16 ChallengePMN/A
17 BidAM 1 National
1 American
17/18 ChallengePMN/A
18 BidAM1 National
1 American

National Bid Qualifier Teams

FJ8ECPWR1KEEC Power 18-RoyalEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ8ECPWR2KEEC Power 18-DiamondEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ8ECPWR3KEEC Power 18-PearlEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ8ECPWR4KEEC Power 18-TopazEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ8ECPWRAKEEC Power 18-SapphireEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ8ECPWRBKEEC Power 18-CrystalEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ8SPNOC1KENVA 18 BlackNook Volleyball Academy
FJ8RENAS1KERenaissance 18 BlackRenaissance National VBC
FJ8PTRVB1KEP3R 18 PlatinumP3R Volleyball Club
FJ8SYNRG1KESynergy 18 KryptoniteSynergy Volleyball Club
FJ8INTGR1KEClub Integrity Volleyball 18UClub Integrity Volleyball
FJ8CPAVC1KECPVBC 18 BlueCentral Pennsylvania Volleyball Club
FJ8ROYAL1KERoyal Legends U18 OrangeRoyal Legends VBC
FJ7ECPWR1KEEC Power 17-SteelEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7ECPWR2KEEC Power 17-CobaltEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7ECPWR3KEEC Power 17-IronEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7ECPWR4KEEC Power 17-ZincEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7ECPWR6KEEC Power 17-PlatinumEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7ECPWR7KEEC Power 17-SterlingEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7ECPWR8KEEC Power 17-SilverEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7ECPWR9KEEC Power 17-CopperEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7ECPWRAKEEC Power 17-TitaniumEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7ECPWRBKEEC Power 17-ChromeEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7SPNOC1KENVA 17 BlackNook Volleyball Academy
FJ7RENAS1KERenaissance 17 BlackRenaissance National VBC
FJ7RENAS2KERenaissance 17 RedRenaissance National VBC
FJ7PTRVB1KEP3R 17 PlatinumP3R Volleyball Club
FJ7DYNAM2KEAston DVA ASTON DVA 17 BLUEDynamic Volleyball Academy
FJ7DYNAM1KEAston DVA ASTON DVA 17 WHITEDynamic Volleyball Academy
FJ7ECPWRGKEEC Power ECP Storm 17-MetallicEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ7INTGR1KEClub Integrity Volleyball 17UClub Integrity Volleyball
FJ7ROYAL1KERoyal Legends U17 OrangeRoyal Legends VBC
FJ7FUVBC1KEFusion VBC U17 BlueFusion Volleyball Club
FJ6KEYJR1KEKeystone Juniors Volleyball Club 16 BlackKeystone Juniors Volleyball Club
FJ6REVOL1KERevolution Volleyball Club CBurg 16 WhiteRevolution Volleyball Club
FJ6ECPWR1KEEC Power 16-EmpireEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ6ECPWR2KEEC Power 16-LibertyEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ6ECPWR3KEEC Power 16-NavyEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ6ECPWR6KEEC Power 16-FederalEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ6ECPWR9KEEC Power 16-ScoutEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ6ECPWR8KEEC Power 16-CadetEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ6ECPWRAKEEC Power 16-CarolinaEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ6ECPWRCKEEC Power 16-ColonialEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ6ECPWRBKEEC Power 16-ColumbiaEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ6SPNOC1KENVA 16 BlackNook Volleyball Academy
FJ6RENAS1KERenaissance 16 BlackRenaissance National VBC
FJ6PTRVB1KEP3R 16 PlatinumP3R Volleyball Club
FJ6SYNRG1KESynergy Volleyball Club Synergy 16 PlutoniumSynergy Volleyball Club
FJ6SYNRG2KESynergy Volleyball Club Synergy 16 LithiumSynergy Volleyball Club
FJ6ECPWRGKEEC Power ECP Storm 16-BattleEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ6INTGR1KEClub Integrity Volleyball 16Club Integrity Volleyball
FJ6ROYAL1KERoyal Legends U16 OrangeRoyal Legends VBC
FJ6FUVBC1KEFusion VBC U16 BlueFusion Volleyball Club
FJ6SURGE2KESurge Volleyball Club 16 LimeSurge Volleyball Club
FJ5KEYJR1KEKeystone Juniors Volleyball Club 15 BlackKeystone Juniors Volleyball Club
FJ5LCBVA1KELanchester Blast Volleyball Club Association 15u BlastLanchester Blast Volleyball Club Association
FJ5ECPWR1KEEC Power 15-TrueEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ5ECPWR2KEEC Power 15-ElectricEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ5ECPWR3KEEC Power 15-CoolEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ5ECPWR4KEEC Power 15-RockEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ5ECPWR8KEEC Power 15-IndigoEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ5ECPWR9KEEC Power 15-FlameEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ5ECPWRAKEEC Power 15-MysticEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ5ECPWRBKEEC Power 15-RhapsodyEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ5ECPWRCKEEC Power 15-CalypsoEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ5SPNOC1KENVA 15 BlackNook Volleyball Academy
FJ5SPNOC2KENVA 15 WhiteNook Volleyball Academy
FJ5RENAS1KERenaissance 15 BlackRenaissance National VBC
FJ5PTRVB1KEP3R 15 PlatinumP3R Volleyball Club
FJ5SYNRG1KESynergy Volleyball Club Synergy 15 GoldSynergy Volleyball Club
FJ5SYNRG2KESynergy Volleyball Club Synergy 15 PotsassiumSynergy Volleyball Club
FJ5SURGE1KESurge Volleyball Club 15 BlackSurge Volleyball Club
FJ5INTGR1KEClub Integrity Volleyball 15Club Integrity Volleyball
FJ5FUVBC1KEFusion VBC U15 BlueFusion Volleyball Club
FJ5INFVA1KEInfinity 15 BlueInfinity Volleyball Academy
FJ4KEYJR1KEKeystone Juniors Volleyball Club 14 BlackKeystone Juniors Volleyball Club
FJ4ECPWR1KEEC Power 14-OceanEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWR2KEEC Power 14-WaveEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWR3KEEC Power 14-SplashEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWR4KEEC Power 14-SurfEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWR5KEEC Power 14-SeaEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWR6KEEC Power 14-CoastalEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWR7KEEC Power 14-BayouEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWR8KEEC Power 14-TidalEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWR9KEEC Power 14-RiverEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWRAKEEC Power 14-IcebergEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWRBKEEC Power 14-GlacierEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4ECPWRCKEEC Power 14-FrostEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4SPNOC1KENVA 14 BlackNook Volleyball Academy
FJ4RENAS1KERenaissance 14 BlackRenaissance National VBC
FJ4PTRVB1KEP3R 14 PlatinumP3R Volleyball Club
FJ4INTGR1KEClub Integrity Volleyball 14Club Integrity Volleyball
FJ4ECPWRGKEEC Power ECP Storm 14-WinterEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ4INFVA1KEInfinity 14 BlueInfinity Volleyball Academy
FJ3ECPWR1KEEC Power 13-SkyEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ3ECPWR2KEEC Power 13-MidnightEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ3ECPWR3KEEC Power 13-LightningEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ3ECPWR8KEEC Power 13-EclipseEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ3ECPWRAKEEC Power 13-GalaxyEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ3ECPWRBKEEC Power 13-HorizonEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ3SPNOC1KENVA 13 BlackNook Volleyball Academy
FJ3ECPWR4KEEC Power 13-StormEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ3RENAS1KERenaissance 13 BlackRenaissance National VBC
FJ3PTRVB1KEP3R 13 PlatinumP3R Volleyball Club
FJ3SYNRG2KESynergy 13 LightningSynergy Volleyball Club
FJ3ECPWRGKEECP Storm 13-TwilightEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ3SURGE1KESurge Volleyball Club 13 BlackSurge Volleyball Club
FJ3INTGR1KEClub Integrity Volleyball 13UClub Integrity Volleyball
FJ3VAILV1KEPrevail 13 UPrevail Volleyball Club
FJ2ECPWR1KEEC Power 12-PeriwinkleEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ2ECPWR2KEEC Power 12-PowderEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ2ECPWR8KEEC Power 12-PoppyEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ2ECPWRAKEEC Power 12-DenimEast Coast Power Volleyball
FJ2SYNRG3KESynergy 12 WildfireSynergy Volleyball Club
FJ2ECPWRGKEECP Storm 12-NeonEast Coast Power Volleyball

Club Challenge Teams

FJ7WESTM3KEWestmoreland Elite 17 WhiteWestmoreland Elite
FJ8PTRUJ1KEPush The Rock 18 WhitePush The Rock
FJ7SURGE2KESurge Volleyball Club 17 LimeSurge Volleyball Club
FJ8SURGE2KESurge Volleyball Club 18 LimeSurge Volleyball Club
FJ8STRLV1KEStarlings Lehigh Valley 18 LimeStarlings Lehigh Valley
FJ6WESTM3KEWestmoreland Elite 16 WhiteWestmoreland Elite
FJ6SYNRG4KESynergy 16 HydrogenSynergy Volleyball Club
FJ6SYNRG5KESynergy 16 HeliumSynergy Volleyball Club
FJ6WSVBC1KEWest Shore YMCA16 TealWest Shore YMCA
FJ6ROYAL2KERoyal Legends U16 WhiteRoyal Legends VBC
FJ6FUVBC2KEFusion VBC U16 WhiteFusion Volleyball Club
FJ5WESTM2KEWestmoreland Elite 15 BlackWestmoreland Elite
FJ5WESTM3KEWestmoreland Elite 15 WhiteWestmoreland Elite
FJ5REVOL1KERevolution CBurg 15 WhiteRevolution Volleyball Club
FJ4RENAS2KERenaissance 14 RedRenaissance National VBC
FJ5RENAS2KERenaissance 15 RedRenaissance National VBC
FJ4SYNRG2KESynergy 14 StormSynergy Volleyball Club
FJ4VAILV1KEPrevail 14UPrevail Volleyball Club
FJ5ROYAL2KERoyal Legends U15 WhiteRoyal Legends VBC
FJ5ROYAL1KERoyal Legends U15 OrangeRoyal Legends VBC

Spectator Code of Conduct

The KRVA National Bid and Club Challenge are USA Volleyball sanctioned event. By entering the facility, all spectators agree to abide by the following Spectator Code of Conduct as required by USA Volleyball. Spectators also understand that injury from flying objects incidental to the sport of volleyball may occur at this event and attend at their own risk. Be alert at all times, especially during active play. Children not participating on a team entered in the event must be under the supervision of their parents at all times. The venue is not to be considered an open play area. Open courts and free space within the facility are not designated or designed for general child-play activities and should be used for event related activities only.

​Any code of conduct broken at this event can lead to immediate removal from the building.