Step ONE: Contact KRVA

Contact and let us know your intention of Officiating in the region! We will help you through the process if you have any questions.

Step TWO: KRVA Membership

Be a current membership with KRVA. Check out our Membership page for step by step instructions!

Remember to choose the appropriate membership – if you are only an official and not coaching, you will need to take the Officials Only membership. If you are coaching or club directing as well, you will need to choose the Adults with a Junior Program membership option. Either membership requires a USAV / KRVA background screening every two years.

Step THREE: Requirements

Complete all the following to officiate:

All of these requirements, more information, and links are available on our Officials Requirements page!

Once you are underway, Check the Event Assignments page for how to find work officiating in the region.

Again, reach out to with any questions and to express your interest. We look forward to you joining our group of distinguished Volleyball

Who to Ask

Technical issues with the VRT
(USAV Academy)
Michelle Carlton

Rules, interpretations, ratings, officiating levels, and other general questions
Neal Kenzakowski
Glenn Reid