Before Tryouts

  • How many tryouts are you having?
  • How many players are you looking for and on which team(s)?
  • What positions are you looking for and on which team(s)?
  • How many teams in each age group do you have?



Tryouts Clubs are not required to post how many players they are looking for, what positions, and for which teams. But it is something you can ask prior to tryouts. With the Pre-Season Club Commitment Offers, positions on teams could be more limited and therefore it may be worthwhile to ask.


Before Accepting an Offer

  • How much does the club cost?
  • When is the payment due?
  • What does the club fee include?
  • Will there be any other fees? (i.e. travel costs, coaching fees, GJNC fees, etc.)
  • What team will my daughter be on? *
  • When will we find out what team she will be on?
  • What age group will she be playing?
  • How many teams in her age group will there be?
  • How many players will be on the roster?
  • Who will be her coach?
  • How many coaches will she have?
  • How much travel will be involved?
  • How many tournaments will her team play in?
  • What level of tournaments will they participate in?
  • Dates and times of practices?


Bill of Rights

I have the right to:

  • be treated with dignity and respect
  • share in the leadership and decision making of your athlete
  • approach the leadership of the club organization with which you are involved
  • cheer for your child in a positive manner
  • verify your coaches/team qualifications
  • ask questions and receive answers
  • ensure that the adults involved with your child are positive role models
  • talk to parents, other players and/or other clubs
  • have your child tryout without discrimination
  • request a clear disclosure of financial obligations
  • have a written clubs statement of philosophy
  • be informed about your child’s role on the team
  • have your child tryout out for more than one club and be allowed time to make a decision as specified by the try out policy
  • the knowledge of the time, travel and financial commitment of your involvement with the club/team
  • knowledge of how many spots are available before tryouts begin
  • remove your child from an event/practice if you feel it is unsafe for your child to continue without repercussions
  • know that all club affiliated staff are members of the KRVA and background checked
  • ask your club director if they adhere to all State and Federal business requirements and laws


P is for praising, which your child needs often.
A is for accepting, so hard edges will soften.
R is for recognizing your child’s many talents.
E is for encouraging a good healthy balance.
N is for nurturing, to help your child grow.
T is for teaching, then letting go.
S is for smiling at the growth and the glow.