Sanctioned events are tryouts, clinics, open gyms, and other club affiliated events that have been approved by KRVA/USAV. These events are governed by the policies set by KRVA/USAV and are covered by the USA Volleyball insurance policy.

Sanctioned events are required to submit a list of all adults attending each event. These adults are mandated to meet the minimum coaching requirements which include: IMPACT certification, bi-annual SafeSport certification, and bi-annual background screening. Adults failing to meet these requirements are not approved to be present as a participant at the sanctioned event.

Sanctioned events must also confirm that all participants attending, both adult and junior levels, have a valid membership for the duration of the event. If the event falls over multiple days/weekends, the membership must be valid for the entire time.


Many clubs/teams receive invitations to events hosted by other clubs/teams that are not sanctioned by KRVA and/or USA Volleyball. This indicates they have not requested/been approved for sanctioning and are not covered by USAV policies and insurance. Teams that participate in non-KRVA sanctioned events are playing without USA Volleyball insurance coverage.

Any complaints/claims that would arise, including but not limited to code of conduct violations, code of ethics violations, sexual misconduct, and injury, would fall on the event organizers and/or participants of the event.

Sanctioned competition protects a player’s eligibility for participation in regional, zonal, national, and international competition. For anyone participating, please be diligent in reviewing insurance, waivers and release of liability guidelines beforehand.

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