Each team from every club must have a minimum of one (1) Certified Junior Scorekeeper on the roster. The region STRONGLY RECOMMENDS each team have 2-3 certified junior scorekeepers on each roster to rotate the scorekeeping duty. (New for 2018-19 season).

Junior Scorekeepers can be certified via an online course through Webpoint or at a clinic hosted by their club.

Players that choose to take the coursework online can find instructions for sign up and completion on the Junior Referees and Scorers page of the KRVA website. The coursework is free to KRVA members.

Clubs that choose to host an in-person clinic can certify all Junior players that participate. The clinic MUST be run by one of KRVA’s certified Scorekeeping Clinicians. Contact the KRVA Office for a list of approved clinicians and to create your clinic.

All costs for the in-person clinic(s) are the responsibility of the host club, including the Clinician Fee. Please check the Schedule of Fees in the KRVA General Operating Codes for the current rate of Clinician Fees.

The minimum requirement of one junior player per roster must be met no later than December 1 of the current season for Junior Boys and January 1 of the current season for Junior Girls.