All KRVA sanctioned events are entered into TM2Sign

In order to register for tournaments, you must have a Club Director account. As Club Director, you will link your club account on TM2Sign with your club account in Webpoint through the TM2Sign Data Import tool.

Once all of the players and staff are imported, you will create the teams and create the default roster for each team.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Club codes must match EXACTLY between TM2Sign and Webpoint
  • Team codes must match EXACTLY between TM2Sign and Webpoint
  • If a club member is not affiliated with your club in Webpoint, they will not import into TM2Sign
  • Any player or coach with an issue will be caught in TM2Sign when added to a roster (i.e. unfinished coaching requirements, incorrect membership, etc.)
  • You do not need a complete roster when registering for KRVA events

If you have any trouble or questions regarding TM2Sign, please contact or call 610-223-2288.

A list of all regionally sanctioned tournaments is also available on the Sanctioned Juniors Tournaments page on our website.