All binding offers for Keystone Region Clubs must be sent via email and must be CC’d on the offer and the response.
All offers MUST include the following:

  • Club Name (in the Subject line and the top of the message body)
  • Player Name
  • Range of the Cost of the Club ($XXXX to $XXXX)
  • What those fees include


All offers MAY include the following, but are not required to include:

  • Age Level of Team (i.e. 14U)
  • Team Name
  • Skill Level of Team
  • Position
  • Jersey Number
  • Coach or list of possible coaches Number of coaches
  • Potential schedules
  • What fees are not included in the club cost (travel, meals, lodging, team bonding, etc.)
  • Travel involved (potential cost for families for travel)
  • Practices – times, dates, locations Range of Players / max number on the team



According to the KRVA Junior Operating Codes, all offers must be sent in writing via email and must be CC’d on the offer and the response in order to be binding.

Clubs and parents are bound to the details of the offer, if accepted. If it is not in writing, the club technically cannot be held accountable (and vice-versa for the parents).

Not everything needs to be in writing in the offer. Many clubs with also have contracts for parents to sign once the offer has been accepted. Those contracts will often, but not always, include more details.

Parents should decide what details they need to have in writing in the offer and what they are comfortable leaving out. Whether certain details are specified in an offer and/or contract is dependent on how important they are to each individual parent.

For example, if knowing which team your daughter will be placed on is important to you, but is not specified in the offer, you should tell the club director that you want that specified. The club director may reissue an offer with the team specified or they may not be able to commit to a team and decline to make changes to the offer.

If you require something to be in writing, it is up to you to request/negotiate that with the club director before accepting the offer. It is up to the club director to then reissue a new offer with those changes or to decline making any changes.

Please be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions – Pre-Season Commitment and Regular Offers for more information on this process. These, and other helpful resources, are available on the KRVA website.

The list includes possible questions to ask a club before tryouts or accepting a binding offer. But there may also be other important questions not listed here.