1. Register as a tournament director for the current season
  2. Complete forms and send all requirements to events@krva.org.
    1. Send payment to the KRVA business office (1013 Brookside Rd, Suite 203, Allentown, PA 18106).
    2. TD Agreement
    3. Certificate of Insurance Request (or, if self-insured, a copy of COI listing KRVA as additional insured)
    4. Venue Specifications (one per requested location)
    5. Contract with Venue(s)
    6. TD Deposit of $300.00
    7. Tournament Sanction Request (TSR)
    8. If applicable, Site Directors and additional venues
  3. The KRVA Event Coordinator will sanction tournaments as soon as a TD has completed all requirements. The sanctions will first consider the needs of the region. Other considerations will include timeliness of requirements completed, as well as a history of tournament directing and compliance in the region. Any requests by KRVA for changes on the TSR will be sent back to be approved by the TD. Once the changes have been made and tournaments sanctioned, the Event Coordinator will send the final TSR back to the TD indicating the sanctioned events, not sanctioned events, and any changes that were made. The sanctioned events will be entered into the Event System once that process is completed. If the TD has an issue or question, it should be addressed prior to the tournament being entered into the Event System.

How to complete Sanctioning Spreadsheet:

  1. Please fill out the Tournament Sanctioning Request spreadsheet (DO NOT USE ANOTHER SPREADSHEET. This spreadsheet is coded to work with other programs and is updated every year).
  2. Some Columns are drop downs. Click on the arrow and make your selection from the list.
  3. Please submit your preferred ages, desired level of play, boys/girls choice, and tournament names. If you are flexible please note that in your e-mail when you return to me.
  4. If you have additional venues for a given event, please add to venues tab and be sure to fill in all fields.
  5. If you have additional venues, please fill out a preliminary list of site directors for those venues on the second tab.