Chief Official Post Event Report

Chief official’s must complete this post event report no later than the Wednesday following an event. CLICK HERE to fill out the online Report.

Chief Officials – Assigning System Instructions

A few Chief Officials have asked about how to see contact info in the system for other officials assigned to their event. Below are the instructions.

To see the other officials and send messages, follow these steps: 

1 – Log in to your account and find the tournament.

2 – All the way to the right you will see a Blue Button that says “Regs”, click that

3 – A list will open up with all approved officials with their levels, their email addresses, and phone numbers.

4 – Click the long Blue button at the top that says “Email Approved users in NAME OF TOURNAMENT”

5 – A box will open up with the title of the tournament filled in the subject line. Fill out the email body to give the officials all information you need. You can also add an attachment (i.e. the schedule)

6 – Click send message and you are good to go!

Contact if you have trouble.

Click Here for a Download of these Instructions


We are using TM2Sign for Region-Run events this year. Click here to download instructions for Officials Accounts.

A few officials sent in questions regarding TM2Sign. Below is an excerpt from an email that was sent on 10/10/2018 to answer some of those questions:

  1. The only events in KRVA that you will sign up for in TM2Sign are the large region-run events including:

Keystone Rating Rally, Boys Atlantic Northeastern Bid Tournament, KRVA Girls Bid and Club Challenge, and the KRVA Regional Championships.

This is the same process as it was last year with AES. Unless a specific tournament director opens up officials’ registration and tells you to sign up there, you will not be signing up for other in-region events on TM2.

2. Single day tournaments will be assigned in the Assigning System (i.e. Arbiter) OR the TD will directly secure officials for their event(s). In which case, a list of officials working for them is provided to the office and individual assignments will reflect that list.

More information will be out as soon as possible regarding assigning for the upcoming season.

3. If officials’ registration is closed on an event, that most likely means that the event is not allowing referee sign ups through TM2Sign and will be using the assigning system.

(No assignments have yet been made for the 2018-19 season, unless procured by the Tournament Director.)

OR the event may not be ready for registrations yet and is remaining closed for the time being. (For example, the 2019 KRVA Girls Bid and Club Challenge is not open for officials to sign up yet, but it will be in the near future and I will send an announcement to let you know.)

4. TM2Sign does not currently have a “Sort by State” feature, but they are working on it. If it is a KRVA event, we will list the location in the description after you hit “register”. Other events may not do this, but KRVA will. All region-run large events will be at the PA Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, as they have been for the past few years.

Since you are an independent contractor, you can still search in other event systems for events to work. However, they will not be sanctioned by KRVA, except for the 2019 East Coast Championships and possibly the 2019 President’s Day Classic if the TD chooses to manage registrations there (we have made a few exceptions for multi-day events for this year).

Keep an eye out for more information being sent and posted in the next few weeks!

Welcome Officials

Here are a few announcements and reminders for the new season:

  • 2018-19 memberships are available beginning 9/1/2018
  • SafeSport re-certification is required every 2 years. Be ready to complete that requirement if yours expires 10/31/2018.
  • The Officials Coursework and Tests will be available on the VRT shortly
  • We will be using a new assigning system this year. Updates and instructions will be sent out ASAP.
  • There will be no in-person National Clinics in KRVA this season. There will be a national clinic available online for all who need it.

We are looking forward to another awesome season! Please keep an eye out for further communications regarding the changes listed above.

Visit the Requirements page of the website to make sure you are ready to get started.

Neal Kenzakowski and Glenn Reid were recently made the Region’s Officials Advisors and are available to help with any other questions you may have or assistance you may need.

Who to Ask

Technical issues with the VRT (USAV Academy) – Michelle Carlton at or 610-737-6944.

Assigning, requirements, clearances, events, and general questions – Chynna at or 610-223-2288.

Rules, interpretations, ratings, officiating levels, and other general questions – Neal Kenzakowski and Glenn Reid