Offers made to players by clubs should be via email and copied to Please do NOT send to the junior chairperson or directly. The emails are archived for future reference. Please refer to the 2018-19 Junior Operating Codes regarding the acceptance of offers and the recruiting policy.

Tryout and Recruiting Policy

Club representatives include the Club Director, all coaches, chaperones, and club/team representatives or anyone representing the club in any capacity including parents and other unaffiliated members of any kind. Contact includes flyers, phone calls, text messages, emails, comments and conversation.

  1. All players are considered released from their present Clubs at the conclusion of the GJNC (Boys March 15).
  2. Club Representatives may NOT contact any players for any reason; the only exception being players that were on team rosters and played for their Club in the previous season.
  3. Club representatives that switch Clubs during the season or off-season may NOT contact players from their previous Club.
  4. This policy applies to players of all ages/skill levels.
  5. Clubs may contact parents of the players at any time throughout the year

a. Junior Girls Clubs are permitted to send Junior Girls Pre-Season Club Commitment offers to eligible players (Junior Girls who played for their club the previous season) between the dates specified by the KRVA Office, set forth no later than July 1 each year. (THIS APPLIES TO JUNIOR GIRLS PLAYERS AND CLUBS ONLY)

b. These offers may ONLY be extended to eligible players. Eligible players include Junior Girls players that participated in the club for the entirety of the previous season. No players who participated outside of the club during the previous season may be offered a pre-season commitment offer.

c.  All offers must be extended in the outlined procedure and include all requirements as specified for regular season offers in the appropriate governing documents, with the exceptions of the time frame and the group of players eligible to receive an offer.

d. Once an offer is accepted, it is binding by both parties and may not be rescinded

e.  An offer may be re-negotiated only after decline of the official offer

f.  Participation by the club of sending pre-season offers out to (potential) returning players is NOT mandatory. Clubs do not have to participate in sending out any of these offers.

g.  If a pre-season offer is turned down, the player may attend tryouts for the club in the fall and be reissued an offer during the regular offer period.

7. Non-binding Playing contracts, invitations or offers can be made any time throughout the year between Clubs and parents, however:

a. Contracts, invitations and/or offers made prior to 7 pm on the Monday after the tryout period opens for Junior Girls and prior to the tryout period opening for Junior Boys each year shall be considered non-binding (with the exception of the Junior Girls pre-season club commitment period)

b. Written acceptance of any offer to play for a club must be submitted in writing via e-mail to the Club Director and cc’d to

8.  Playing contracts, promises, invitations or offers (Non-binding or binding) can NEVER be made with or to Junior PLAYERS at any time of year


a. Each year, KRVA shall designate and announce the date(s) for the start of tryouts for each age group at the Region’s annual planning meeting. The date(s) shall be posted on the appropriate pages of the regions website no later than September 1st.

b.  Except for the pre-season club commitment offers, no Junior Girls offers may be sent prior to the Monday following tryouts at 7 pm. Any offer sent prior to that will be considered non-binding. (GIRLS CLUBS ONLY)

c.  Junior Boys offers may be sent any time after the tryout period opens.

d.  Once a Club (through a player’s parent) offers a player a position on a team roster, the offer must remain open, without changes in conditions, for a minimum of 48 hours for Junior Girls and a minimum of 96 hours for Junior Boys from the date/time of the offer as time stamped on the e-mailed offer unless the offer is declined, in writing, prior to the expiration of the offer period. Once an offer is accepted, in writing, it is binding to that club unless the player is released in accordance with provisions of the relevant governing documents. Binding offers cannot be made to any player until 7 pm the Monday after Tryouts for the Junior Girls OR after the start of the tryout period for Junior Boys. All written correspondence must be submitted via email.


a.  If a parent wants changes to the offer prior to acceptance, the offer must first be declined in writing and then the negotiation process may begin. The changes may be negotiated with the club. If terms are reached, a new offer may be extended by the club to the parent/player with a new 48-hour acceptance window. However, a club may choose to decline to send a revised offer.

b.  Any terms that are reached must be reflected in the new offer and accepted within 48 hours in writing via the offer email and CC’d to in order to be binding.

c.  All offers must be in writing and e-mailed with a cc to and must use the corresponding offer template available on the KRVA Forms and Documents page.

d.  Each offer must include the required information on the template

e.  Clubs may add more details or any of the optional information if they wish or if it has been negotiated in

11.  The Region will not become involved in contractual or monetary issues between the Club and its players or parents except if the terms of the contract are in violation of either the USAV ‟s or the Region’s regulations, Codes of Conduct or Ethics, or Governing Documents

12.  If any Club Representative is contacted directly by a player, the team representative must respond that all questions must come from a parent. The Club Representative may, however, ask the player for contact information for her parent or instruct the player to have her parent contact the Club, providing contact information for the Club Director.

13.  High school coaches, administrators or teachers (that are KRVA members) may not pressure athletes into playing for a specific Club. The Region can take no action unless the violation is reported, in writing to the KRVA Region Office via the KRVA Violation Report Form. All suspected violations should be reported immediately. Use the complaint form found on the KRVA website.

Clubs that violate these tryout and recruiting rules will be subject to discipline and entitled to Due Process review, as provided in the KRVA Governing Documents. The Region can take no action unless the violation is reported, in writing to the Region Office via the KRVA Violation Report Form. Violations may only be reported by the player or the player’s parents. KRVA is unable to take any action unless the reporting party is willing to go on record with their statement.  All suspected violations should be reported immediately using the Violation Report Form found on the forms and documents page of the KRVA website.

Clubs are not required to hold tryouts. Clubs choosing to hold tryouts must obtain a KRVA sanction of the event. In order to receive sanction for tryouts, the host must first register a club with KRVA.

Every participant in the tryout must be a current member-in-good-standing of USA Volleyball. Participants may register with USAV using the regular Junior Membership or the Junior Tryout Membership. Tryout hosts must verify membership. One-day event memberships may NOT be used for tryouts. Any participant who cannot provide proof of current membership may not participate.

During tryout sessions the Region may send a Representative to explain the recruiting guidelines for the region to players and their parents/guardians. All teams are required to provide printed copies of the Region Recruiting Guidelines at all sanctioned tryouts. A copy of that handout is posted at and may be downloaded for distribution.



KRVA recognizes all current USAV memberships for the purposes of tryouts. Once offers in the Keystone Region have been accepted players must become members or upgrade their membership in KRVA. Junior Boys may upgrade to full memberships beginning on October 4, 2018. Junior Girls may upgrade to full memberships beginning November 14, 2018.