Registration for Tournament Directors in the upcoming season will remain open. Please register HERE  as soon as possible if you would like to run events in the upcoming season.

All information has been sent out for the 2018-19 tournament sanctioning period. Please find all downloads on the right of this page. All emails are in the dropdown menu.


This year all COI requests for tournaments will be filled out online HERE.



  1. Must be 25 years of age or older
  2. Register as an “adult with juniors” and submit a background screen application through USA Volleyball for the current season
  3. Complete and submit 2018-19 Tournament Director Application
  4. Safesport Certificate
  5. Complete Concussion Training Certificate and submit to KRVA Events


The tournament Director and their designated on-site director must adhere to all the KRVA policies and procedures applicable to the sanctioned event as set forth in the Tournament Director Manual which include but are not limited to:

  1. All tournament participants must be verified by the Tournament Director as being currently registered with USAV
  2. All adults contracted by the Tournament Director for on-site staff within the event must be verified by the TD as having a current, cleared USAV- approved background screen and pass Pennsylvania state screening requirements per KRVA policy
  3. A certificate of insurance for each sanctioned event must be requested through the KRVA office



  1. Must be a current KRVA member in good standing with an Adult with Juniors membership
  2. Must have a current background screen in webpoint
  3. Pass Pennsylvania state screening requirements per Region policy
  4. Must be 18 years of age
  5. Must have Safesport Certificate
  6. Concussion Training Certificate submitted to KRVA Registration
  7. Must be onsite at all times
  8. May not be coaching any team at any time during the event
  9. May not be chief referee
  10. Any change to the onsite director must be emailed a minimum of two weeks prior to the event


Checklist for New Venues

The following are required of all venues that are used for KRVA tournaments.



  • Minimum of 6’6 ¾” of playable area surrounding all sides of the court
  • Court dimensions of 59’ x 29’6” as per the current Domestic Competition Rulebook (DCR)
  • Lines of 2” wide and of a color that contrasts with the floor and other lines. Lines include both side lines and end lines, as well as the attack lines at 9’10” from the center line and the center line so each side is an equal 29’6”
  • Net set up per the current DCR
    • Net height of 7’11 5/8” for men, 7’4 1/8” for women and boys 14 and under, and 7’0” for 12 and under for girls and boys.
    • Two individual poles for each court (courts may not share one or both poles)
    • The net is 39” wide and 31’6” to 33’
    • Two antennae 5’11” long
  • Team Bench area
  • Appropriate Officials stands (or adequate standing room of 2 meters in between courts)
  • Appropriate padding for all equipment
  • Score table and chairs for each court
  • Scoreboards



  • Adequate working restrooms for attendees (i.e. one bathroom with one stall for a 10-team tournament is not sufficient)
  • Ample Parking Availability (If space is limited, it must be in the tournament description on the event system)
  • Spectator seating / space outside of the 2-meter free zone surrounding each court
  • Concessions available (if none are available, that must be in the tournament description on the event system)


To get a new venue approved, email events@krva.org with the name and address of the building, as well as information regarding the checklist above and possible issues. KRVA will only sanction events at approved locations.